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Back to School is busy period during which moms and dads flock to retail outlets and shop for their child’s Stationery as they embark on their educational journey for the year.

“Power their Potential” is the main message BIC® wishes to convey to parent across the country as they shop for their child’s school Stationery. BIC® Stationery products are built on Trust and Quality and parents purchasing Stationery for Back to School can trust BIC® Quality to go further.

BIC® had exciting plans for Back to School that included advertising on radio, billboards, print and a strong digital drive. Be sure to check our Facebook page - for all the fun posts.

BIC® value packs are available at major retail outlets nationally.

For those shoppers who wish to avoid the Back to School rush and frenzy, shop BIC® Stationery online on

We welcome you into the BIC world this Back to School.