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BIC® CSR Initiative : The Door of Hope

children around a table with balloons

If we can reach people when they are young and teach them right from wrong… If we can instill in them a sense of dignity and honor and good orals… If we can give them the skills and confidence to lead a productive life… Then we can break the cycle of poverty and abandonment. We can release into the world people who will make a difference for the good.


BIC South Africa has been partnering with the Door of Hope since 2015.


Aligning with the BIC Values, we chose to work with the Door of Hope to give our employees the opportunity to demonstrate Responsibility, Teamwork, Ethics, Ingenuity and Simplicity within our community.


We at BIC feel strongly about owning and driving education in society and therefore identified a need at The Door of Hope, where hundreds of children are born in a world where they have little or no opportunity. BIC South Africa has therefore decided to adopt The Door of Hope as our CSR Project to inspire, grow and nurture these young children.


It began with the CSR Committee going on a day tour to one of the three Children’s Homes in the South of Johannesburg. From there the partnership has grown over the years. 


The strong partnership has continued since with many activities which are sponsored by BIC South Africa, which include:


· Birthday Parties;

· Baby Supply Donations;

· Christmas Parties; and

· Our latest project which is the Early Childhood Development Centre and the Baby Village.